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School Guidelines


1. Applicable for admission to any of the classes will not normally be entertained unless the student has been studying in an English Medium School.

2. Admission are granted to all boys and girls irrespective of caste creed or social status. The minimum age for admission in NURSERY is 3 years on 1st of March of the Calendar year in which he/she seeks admission. A corresponding scale of ages is fixed for successive class.

3. Students applying for admission have to appear for competitive test for the Class to which they desire admission.

4. Admission will depend on the result of the test and interview as well as the seat vacant and available in the concerned class. Request for interview with the Administrator or Principal form those guardians whose Children have not qualified in the test interview will not be entertained.

5. Parents/Guardians are required to read the rules and regulation of the school carefully and see that the certificates of their ward are in order. Any application for subsequent changes in them will not be entertained.

6. People who seek admission must be introduced by their Parent/Guardians only who have signed on the form.

7. Name and date of birth as recorded in the previous school leaving certificate affidavit and as entered in the admission form by the parents/guardians will be considered final and no request for change in the name, date of birth will be subsequently being entertained. Parents and Guardians must therefore, ensure that these entries are correct to avoid any problem later on.

8. A list of all selected candidates for admission will be put up on the notice board of the school. In case sufficient number of suitable students are not available, a second test may also be arranged. For the details contact office.

9. The School reserves the right to accept or reject any application for admission re-admission without any reason.

10. Admission of a student is renewed every year depending upon the overall performance work and behaviour of the student. If a student is not considered to have fared well or has adverse reports about his work behaviour from his teacher, he may be removed from the School register without any notice in this regard.

11. Students are not allowed to bring to school or to keep with them costly watch, fountain pens, cameras, or any item of Jewellery like chain, rings etc. THE SCHOOL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF SUCH ARTICLES.

General Information

1. The school provided education from Nursery to Class Xth Standard Boys and Girls.

2. The Institution follows the syllabus of I.C.S.E. Course. INDIAN CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, NEW DELHI. I.C.S.E.

3. The school provides opportunity to every student for his/her physical, mental and cultural development.

4. An Identity Card is issued to every student for important reasons. Old students must have their Identity Cards renewed in every academic year. Parents must bring the Identity Cards of their wards at the time of taking them home. The Identity Card supplied by the school should be deposited to the office for the Principal’s signature after filling in and affixing a recent passport size photo of the student within seven days of the commencement of the New Session.

5. School Badge, School Tie, School belt, Exercise Book, Identity Card, School Diary etc. are to be purchased from the School Office.

6. Parents, Guardians and visitors are requested and advised to correspond if necessary through letters which may be dropped in School’s Letter Box. The Course is as follow

Compulsory – (1) English (first Language) (2) Bengali/Hindi (Second Language) (3) History, Civics, Geography (5) S.U.P.W. 3rd Language Class from IV to VIII, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi. Core Subject-Moral science, General Knowledge, Art and Craft. Additional Subject – Moral Science, General Knowledge, Art and Craft. Additional Subjects for Classes IX and X. (1) Element of Accounts.

Information Regarding T.C.

1. Applications for transfer certificates if required should be given in the prescribed format.

(a) A clear notice for one month is to be given by the parent before the issue of a Transfer Certificate.

(b) No Transfer Certificate will be issued to any student until all dues to the school are paid in full.

(c) A pupil’s name may be struck-off the school Register is he/she is absent for 15 days or more without the principal’s written permission.

(d) Students who will fail twice in the same class will be served with T.C.

(e) A student may be given forced T.C. for serious breach of discipline or gross misconduct.

School Timing

Lower Nursery & Upper Nursery 10:15 AM to 1:00 PM

A. Class I to IV – 10:15 AM to 2:30 PM

B. Class V to X – 10:15 AM to 3:00 PM

School Excursions and Tours

The school from time to time certain well planned picnics excursions and tours in order to acquaint the student with the life and environment of different places.


All students are supposed to attend school in the school uniform which is compulsory for all without any relaxation of any sort. The Parents are advice to manage the following uniform materials for their wards in time. They are also requested not to approach the school authorities for any relaxation, exemption in this regard, not excuse like repairs of stitching will be accepted. The stitching should be got done as per the given pattern.


Sky Shirt – Navy Blue Shorts.
White Socks, Black Shoes.


Sky Blouse – Navy Blue Ribbon
Navy Blue Tunick

Parents, Guardians and School

Parents & Class teacher of staff meetings are generally arranged by circular after the test examination. These must be attended compulsorily in the general interest of the child.

Parents/Guardians are expected to co-operate in enforcing discipline by seeing their children prepare their lesson and do their homework regularly.

Parent/Guardians are particularly requested to sign the Principal/Teacher remark in their Diary after reading them. The school discipline all responsibility of the remarks not signed.

Parents/Guardians or other persons are not permitted to see the students or teachers during the school hours without the Prior Permission of the Principal/Headmistress.

In case of any complain about the school, parent is requested to contact. The presence of the student should be avoided as it adversely effects discipline.

Rules of Discipline

A. Students are required to speak in English in the school.

B. They should not pluck any leaves of flowers and must not scribble anything on the walls.

C. All should be careful to keep their class rooms and school premises clean and tidy.

D. Student should have in a gently manly manner whenever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them.

E. Any kind of damage done to the school property shall have to be made good by the offender or his parents/guardians.

F. A private tutor may be engaged only after the approval of the Principal/Headmistress.

G. A penalty will be imposed if a student breaks or damage any school property.

H. The school will not take any responsibility of a student after 15 minutes of schedule break of the school.

I. Students will not be allowed to join classes after 10-30 am.

J. Students may be suspended for any type of misconduct.

Visiting Hours

Timing for interviews or visits are generally form 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 Noon but it is advised to fix up an appointment. Please do not visit ay any other hours as it adversely effects school schedule.